Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fatties slam Skinny Pepsi

Superior cola company Pepsi has launched a new taller, skinny can for its Diet Pepsi drink at New York Fashion Week 2011.

The company's marketing boss Jill Beraud says the "taller, sassier, attractive new can" is a "celebration of beautiful, confident women", and says the new product is "all about celebrating a beautiful shape".

The slimline Diet Pepsi cans (still containing 355 ml / 12 oz of cola goodness) will go on sale nationwide in the United States from early next month.

But some chunky critics are apparently outraged at PepsiCo Inc's plans, which they say promote the sales pitch that skinny is better. (Which it totally is).

The "National Eating Disorders Association" is most offended by the sexy, slimmer cans. It says the idea denigrates the majority of woman, and says the company is being "thoughtless and irresponsible".

Cola drinkers will still be able to buy Diet Pepsi in the traditional shorter stubbier shaped cans, along with regular Pepsi and other varieties like Pepsi Max. And I'm sure some of the biggest Diet Pepsi drinkers will continue to be the tubby ones who ask for the diet drink while ordering their mega burgers and extra large fries.

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