Sunday, 16 January 2011

Starbucks dumps the Coffee

Coffee giant Starbucks has annoyed loyal customers with its latest logo revamp. The international coffee chain has dropped the "Starbucks" brand name from its new logo, along with the word "coffee". Only the green twin-tailed mermaid siren remains, as the company looks to expand its market offerings.

The changes will be rolled out worldwide, following trials in Starbucks' home base of Seattle, Washington. Three stores were "debranded" and remodelled as local coffee houses. One on Capitol Hill also serves wine and beer, along with hosting live music and poetry readings. Starbucks has also overhauled its menu in the United States, adding salads and healthier baked goods.

Starbucks last changed its distinctive logo in 1992, but the 2011 upgrade hasn't impressed fans of the coffee chain. Hundreds of complaints have been posted on the company's American website, along with plans to bombard Starbucks with complaints by phone and snail mail.

The logo change has been prompted by plans by Starbucks to build new brands, as well as promoting the company's other brands including instant coffee label VIA "Ready Brew" and Seattle's Best Coffee.

Experts say the nameless logo may not hurt sales at Starbucks stores, but could be a bad fit for Starbucks products sold in grocery stores and other retail outlets.
Meanwhile, the chain has also hit the headlines for its new oversized 31-ounce (916 ml) beverage size, which is apparently larger than the average human stomach. Customers will be able to select the 'Trenta' size for Iced coffee, Iced Tea, and Iced tea lemonade drinks.

The Trenta has already been rolled out in 14 states across the United States, and will go nationwide there from May. (No word yet on whether the Trenta will also be added to international Starbucks stores. The 24 ounce Venti is currently the largest size available outside the US).

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