Monday, 21 June 2010

Nude Rugby Attracts Big Crowd in Dunedin

There were big celebrations in Dunedin on Saturday night, as the All Blacks beat the Welsh 42-9 in their final rugby test at Carisbrook ground.

Earlier that day, their naked rugby counterparts the Nude Blacks beat rivals the Welsh Leeks at Logan Park ground (an unofficial score had the result as 20-15).

It's currently winter in Dunedin (in the South Island of New Zealand), but it was an unseasonally day for this year's nude rugby game, which attracted its largest ever crowd. Over a thousand spectators (including students, couples, and families) turned out to watch the fun and cheer on the brave players.

Veteran local player Dave Bourke again led the Nude Blacks in the 7th Bottom Bus Nude Rugby International, while visiting newcomer Johnny Morris captained the Welsh Leeks.

The Nude Blacks perform a haka before the game

And the Welsh Leeks respond with an equally intimidating Welsh Jig...

Former All Blacks John Timu and Richard Lowe acted as the (fully clothed) referees for the game, which featured all the traditional nude rugby elements, including a nude haka, a clothed streaker, a staged brawl, and a toilet-seat trophy.

A female nude streaker also got in on the action this year, being persuaded to stay in join in the game and take part in a lineout.

She then managed to score a try for the Nude Blacks, rejoining the action later as a naked cop to arrest an ill-disciplined clothed streaker.

A female streaker joins in the fun on the field

Referee Richard Loe struggles to stop the on-field brawl...

* More info & photos here: 7th Annual Nude Rugby International (Part 2)...

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  1. Tom|BigBearTube Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious. Is there a video of these naked men playing on the field...

    What a nude game!