Saturday, 27 March 2010

Switch on Lights & Heaters for Human Achievement Hour

Turn on your lights, your heaters, and your power-hungry appliances! There's a celebration going on tonight, right across the world. A celebration of Human achievement.

While the misguided hippies and misinformed and brainwashed muppets of the world will be flailing around in the dark for their media-promoted WWF event 'Earth Hour', free-thinking households will be celebrating the incredible accomplishments of the human race from 8.30 this evening.

Here in New Zealand, the Gnats may be preparing to unleash their fake carbon taxes on innocent kiwis (despite almost every other country in the world backing off an Emissions Trading Scheme or similar fraud), but thankfully there are a few sane politicians over the ditch in Australia (strange but true!)

A group chaired by Liberal senator Cory Bernardi is promoting the Anti-Earth Hour event known as Human Achievement Hour on its website...
"Don't be stuck in the dark with the communists. Turn your lights on!

While earth hour activists will be left in the dark, Human Achievement Hour participants will be going to the cinema, enjoying a hot meal, driving their car or watching television."
ETS = Emission Trading ScamImage by Takver via Flickr

South Australian Senator Bernardi is a vocal sceptic of the theory of man-made climate change and global warming. Bernardi helped topple former Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull (who supported the Labour Government's ETS), replacing him with Tony Abbott.

(Unfortunately the Liberals also have their own 'Nick Smith, with misguided Shadow environment spokesman Greg Hunt planning to support Earth Hour).

Canadian-based kiwi David Seymour writes in the Victoria Times Colonist that the Earth Hour festival "is an annual occult exercise" which has "no effect on climate, and sends the wrong message".
At least a small portion of the MSM in New Zealand has recognised that not everyone has bought into the great global warming swindle, and will be celebrating Anti Earth Hour in their own ways.

A story in the NZ Herald notes that some "cynics" are planning to celebrate "Edison Hour", recognising "enlightenment and technology by wasting as much electricity as possible during the hour".

The story borrows a quote from last year, when ACT on Campus President Rick Giles described Earth Hour as "an embarrassment ... based on phoney science in an attempt to promote phoney awareness".

And Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath has encouraged all New Zealanders to turn on all their lights during Earth Hour...
“This Saturday evening I will be turning on every light in the house, and lighting a bonfire outside, in memory of the industrialists, scientists and economists who made possible all the luxuries we take for granted today – the computer, television, motor vehicles, comfortable housing – and the electric light.”

(Last year's promotion, but the sentiment's the same)

There are some unusual "partners" and sponsors of the Earth Hour promotion here in NZ. I will be boycotting McDonalds for the next few months, due to their support of the silly festival. I have also made a mental note not to buy a Toyota next time I'm car hunting.

I do find it odd that TV and Radio broadcaster Mediaworks is encouraging people to participate. I assume includes encouraging people to turn off their tvs and radios for the hour this evening, depriving their advertisers (the life-blood of a commercial broadcaster) of viewers and listeners.

TradeMe also seems to be hoping nobody visits their online auction site, or places any bids between 8.30 and 9.30pm this evening. And online power retailer Powershop is encouraging customers to buy less of their electricity.

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Leave a Light On - Save Civilization...

UPDATE: If you're in Auckland, head to the Racket Bar tonight, down by Britomart...
"The world's longest multi-box chain, Coal-fired air-conditioning, and a light show visible from outer space!"
plus... "Bring your own appliance, and receive a Free Tiger beer!"

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