Saturday, 9 January 2010

No Pants 2010 Subway Ride Tomorrow

The 9th Annual No Pants Subway Ride is scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday January 10), with participants in over 40 cities standing by to ride their local subways or buses sans pants.

Organised by the Improv Everywhere group, the annual stunt attracts a wide range of participants, with the simple common goal of riding the subway/train/bus without their pants, but while keeping a straight face!

In the major cities, participants are organised into groups and assigned specific train cars, as well as stops which stops to switch trains.

Those taking part can't reveal what they're up to, and if questioned by other passengers as to why they've taken off their pants, must offer a simple excuse like they were "getting uncomfortable".

The event's founding city New York has six meeting points for the start of the ride, with all trains converging on Union Square.

No Pants Ride 2k10 will also be held in over 40 other cities across America, Europe, and around the world on mass transportation services ranging from subways to trolley buses.

There's full information here for the groups organising individual cities including
Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne (Australia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco (USA), Toronto and Vancouver (Canada), Tokyo (Japan), Stockholm (Sweden), and Warsaw (Poland).

(New Zealand seems to be missing out again... Noone in Auckland or Wellington keen to take up the challenge of organising a crew?)

* Improv Everywhere: Information for individual cities for No Pants Ride 2010
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  1. Adolf Fiinkensein Says:

    But, b, b, b, b, but we haven't got a subway!

  2. Dave Gee Says:

    Yeh I know New Zealand hasn't managed to build any subways yet, but in the last few years the event's expanded to include a range of mass transportation systems. Last time a number a number of non-subway cities took part, using suburban trains, buses, and trolleys. The likes of commuter rail services in Auckland or Wellington could fit the bill? ;-)