Thursday, 28 January 2010

Former Clown Activist replaces Jeanette in NZ Greens

Former Ronald McDonald impersonator Gareth Hughes will take Jeanette Fitzsimons' list MP spot in Parliament next month, after the former Green Party co-leader announced she was retiring.

Hughes' claim to fame is being arrested while dressed as Ronald McDonald, during a protest against the use of 'genetically engineered' chicken feed. He stood for the Greens in the Ohariu seat at the last election.

I love this photo and headline caption from Stuff!

The 28 year old will become the youngest MP in the current Parliament. He plans to live in Wellington's inner city with his wife and son, and will walk to work (what a good greenie).

He is apparently "confident the Greens would be back with at least their nine current seats in 2010." Not surprisingly, Hughes has worked for Greenpeace, recently running its 'Sign On' global warming campaign in New Zealand. He also camped out with the hippies in the 'Save Happy Valley' anti-mining protest.

Hughes' arrival follows the sad sad departure last year of another Green Party protester clown, Sue Bradford...

Gareth's parliamentary goals are to focus on Transport (as in not having as little as possible, that's Green policy), Climate Change (as in keeping the propaganda machine rolling, despite the growing cracks), and Tertiary Education (as in more free money from the Government and less accountability).

* Stuff - Meet the Green Party's new MP
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