Friday, 29 January 2010

Coke Vending Machine Dishes out Pizzas!

The dark brown sugary soda drink known as Coke apparently equals Happiness, or so their marketing people like to tell us.

Now the soft drink giant is endeavouring to spread a little bit of happiness across the US with random acts of vending kindness.

The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine was installed recently in the cafeteria of an American college campus, with the reactions of students becoming a viral video hit.

Luzern: Expensive Coca-Cola vending machineImage by Chris Devers via Flickr

Students using the normal-looking coke drink vending machine are initially surprised to receive multiple bottles of Coca-Cola, before the vending machine starts handing out (quite literally!) bunches of flowers, balloon animals, a pizza, and a giant sub sandwich.

The viral marketing campaign is part of Coke's global 'Open Happiness' campaign, and the company says many other similar stunts are planned, asking "Where will happiness strike next?"

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