Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More fun with Post-its - Deadline Procrastination

Late last year I posted a great clip by the guys at EepyBird (the 'scientists' behind the Diet Coke & Mentos soda fountains), where they covered an office with cascading packets of coloured Post-its (well it was actually 'Z-notes').

Now a new clip is doing the rounds, the result of a senior project by a Bang-yao Liu from Savannah College in the US. The 'DEADLINE' video uses coloured post-it notes to create a block-pixel-style stop motion clip. Very clever...

The animations were designed and trialled on computer, before ripping open the packets of post-its.

The project was apparently 3 months in the planning, with over 6000 Post-it notes used over 4 days of shooting. Now that's dedication! (Check out the Making Of here...)

* Dave Gee: Things to do with Post-its when you're bored...

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