Sunday, 14 June 2009

6th Annual Nude Rugby International (Part 2)

The move to the grass ground at Logan Park (beside University Oval) proved popular, with a large crowd of visiting and local spectators turning out to see the uniquely Dunedin nude game.

American tourists were surprised at the public event, and the lack of a police presence. One told us, "This is hilarious! You wouldn't see this in the States!"

(Unfortunately one 'real' police officer did spoil things right at the end, confiscating naked PC Plod's police helmet, and telling him off for impersonating a police officer. Must have been a quiet day at the office...)

This headlock is apparently acceptable under the rules of naked rugby ;-)

Players show their annoyance at a 'Clothed Streaker'
who interrupted the 6th Bottom Bus Nude Rugby International

PC Plod arresting the Clothed Streaker

Local rugby mascot 'The Highlander' referees the nude match,
as a travelling backpacker captures a few kiwi memories

Posing for post-match photos with fans (including a few 'Nuns')

The two teams sign the wall at the construction site of the new
Otago Stadium, being built opposite the Logan Park

(Also see: Nude Rugby moves off the beach in Dunedin)


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    Do you have uncensored versions? ;)