Thursday, 21 May 2009

Beatles' Karaoke Crowd a Viral Hit in ad-land

British mobile phone company T-Mobile have followed up last year's train station dance stunt with a massed Karaoke singalong in London's Trafalgar Square.

Last January the cellphone operator borrowed a trick from flashmob veterans Improv Everywhere, organising 350 dancers to break into a mass dance routine at London's Liverpool Street train station. The stunt was part of a television campaign for T-Mobile, aimed at promoting its "Life's For Sharing" slogan.

For the latest flash mob-style stunt, 13,500 people (including tv personalities and pop star Pink) gathered in Trafalgar Square, and with Singstar-looking microphones, joined together to sing The Beatles' hit song, Hey Jude.

An impressive 2,000 Shure wireless mics were apparently handed out around the crowd, with the singing mixed down from 162 channels (including two just for Pink herself).

Like many large group musical attempts, the timing gets a little off, with those towards the back dragging the chain a split second behind the music coming from the screen at the front ;-)

TV host Vernon Kay also led the multi-cultural, multi-generational crowd in renditions of Hit Me Baby One More Time and Is This The Way To Amarillo?, while Pink encouraged the thousands of singers to join her in singing her hit song So What.

Event production company Partizan set up 20 video cameras around Trafalgar Square, with the open air performance being edited down to a two minute advertisement for T-Mobile.

Check out the clip below to see the song and some behind-the-scenes footage...

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