Friday, 27 March 2009

'Moustache-gate' the talk of Talkback

He's on the telly far too early for me, but luckily the best bits of Paul Henry and TV One's Breakfast show make it onto the interweb, for non-morning people like myself.

The highlight of the week has been the widely publicised "Moustache Gate", where Paul Henry allegedly insulted Greenpeace activist Stephanie Mills, by reading out some Viewer Feedback relating to Ms Mills' unsightly hairy upper lip, despite the pleas from co-host Alison Mau and "the people in [his] ear"...

"Seriously, I have no idea what Stephanie Mills was thinking, going on telly with that enormous moustache! Wax is cheap you know."

"Are moes for female Greenpeace members standard issue?"
Haha, TV Gold! Good on Paul Henry for having the non-PC balls to say out loud what everybody else watching was obviously thinking!
The interaction with co-presenter Ali Mau was brilliant as well, as Henry read out the viewer comments.
Paul: Actually, shall I read this out? They're a bit iffy...
Ali: Please don't... Please don't, I beg you.
Paul: They say Yes
Ali: Please don't
Paul: This one just says "Moustache"
Ali: Oh...
Paul: Um, everyone in my ear is saying "Don't read it out"?
Ali: Don't read it out. Don't... read it out

Despite Alison's best efforts, Paul just wouldn't let go of the issue... "There's nothing to worry about", he continued. "It's just a lady with a moustache".
Alison tried to balance the debate later in the show, by reading out a viewer comment chastising Henry for his controversial comments...
"Paul, Your tactless insensitivity has reached a new low. There are medical reasons why some women in New Zealand suffer from increased growth of facial hair, resulting in moustaches - and in some poor women - even beards."
Perhaps, but in this case I think it has more to do with trying to uphold the liberal lefty "burn your bras" hippy greenie feminist attitude. "Don't conform to the world. Don't wax your upper lip. Don't shave your armpits or legs." Sorry girls, but it's not nice, and it's not pretty.

The debate has already filled many entertaining hours on talkback radio, as well as at online forums.

Good on Paul. If I was up at that time of the morning, you'd have a new viewer ;-)

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  1. Media Blogger Says:

    My favourite bit was when he started talking about his hooter. Haha.