Friday, 9 January 2009

No Pants Day on the way

The organisers of the No Pants 2009 subway ride (officially called No Pants 2k9) are hoping for a record turnout for this year's event, which takes place on Saturday January 10th.

This will be the 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride, which last year had 900 participants in New York, and another thousand riders in 9 other cities around the world.

The annual "prank" is organised by the well known New York-based group Improv Everywhere. This year the net is spreading wider, with more cities with mass transportation systems (including above-ground trains and trolleys) joining in on the fun.

So far official events are being organised in Adelaide, Australia, Amsterdam, Shoqs (The Netherlands), Atlanta, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Denver, Hamburg, Lisbon, Las Angeles, Montreal, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Seoul, Sydney, Toronto, Twin Cities (Minnesota), Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington DC.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone in New Zealand has taken up the challenge... I would have thought the stunt would work well in Auckland and/or Wellington? (London also seems a notable omission from the above list?)

Check out this page at Improv Everywhere
for links to the organised groups in each city...

No Pants 2k9 will take at 3pm this Saturday. Anyone is welcome to join in on the improv event, with the only rules being that participants must be willing to take off their pants while riding on the subway (as in trouser pants, Not underpants!), and they must be able to keep a straight face during the ride.

Riders are split into smaller groups, and assigned a specific stop where everyone should remove their pants and put in their backpack.

Participants aren't allowed to reveal the joke to other riders, but if asked why they have taken off their pants, they must say something along the lines of "they were getting uncomfortable".

* Improv Everywhere - The No Pants! Subway Ride - History

* Improv Everywhere - Global No Pants Subway Ride details

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  1. Julian says... Says:

    Dave, have you heard about the weather in London this week? Bearly been above freezing and people are advised not to travel unless vital. That would be why flashingmobbers like me would not take part in London today!

  2. Dave Gee Says:

    Yes, sub-zero temperatures and snow in London apparently meant only 30 people took part in the 2010 London ride (over 200 had registered their interest on Facebook). Very understandable! :-)