Sunday, 19 October 2008

When Playground Attractions go wrong...

The news story this week about the "theme park ride gone bad" at the Gisborne A&P Show instantly reminded me of a chav-tastic video clip that did a rounds a year or two back.

In the Gisborne event, a ride called "The Explorer" went out of control, with "the shouts of excitement from the children turning to screams of fear" as the Explorer got out of control.

According to the story on 3 News, "one child was thrown out and others struggled to hold on but witnesses say they were flung about like rag dolls... When it eventually stopped, some of the children were left battered and bruised with bleeding noses and black eyes."

This is of course was an unfortunate accident from a normally safe functioning theme park ride.

However there was less sympathy for the UK teenagers who spun their friends to disaster, in what ITV News called "a teenage prank that went horribly wrong" ;-)

A group of bored Chavs park the wheel of a motorbike up on a merry-go-round, while their two Chavette friends sit in the middle of the roundabout.

The fun starts when the lads rev up the back tyre of his motorbike, which spins the girls around like a washing machine. (Shot in a children's park in Crawley, England)...

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