Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Watermelon Party goes Bananas with Loop Fruit idea

New Zealand's Green Party have never been known for bright ideas or rational debate, but the party has topped itself with its latest policy announcement to cap the country's population, while still welcoming in "climate change refugees". (?!)

Hot on the heels of its warmly received plans to ban New Zealanders from having strong hot showers, now the Greens want to limit the number of children kiwi parents can have, and cap New Zealand's population to a maximum of 5.7 million people.

The balmy idea, from the Green's "population spokeswoman" Metiria Turei, claims the party wants to make parents aware of the "impact their families had on resources and the environment".

And don't think this policy is just another spin on the NZ First message of anti-immigration, to save jobs and make "Nu Zilland for Nu Zillanders".

No, the Greens actually want to raise the number of refugees allowed into the country each year. They say more work is needed to educate "New Zealanders about the cultures and religions brought here by migrants", and want more resources for "settlement programmes, English language classes for new migrants and assistance finding a job."
While Hillin Cluck the feminist was busy visiting a mosque and submitting to the sexist restrictions of Islam, National, Act and the Maori Party slammed the Green Party policy, describing it as "a step towards population control measures similar to China's One Child policy."
Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said it was a case of "middle-class" Greens trying to tell others how big their families should be.

"Tell them to go to China where there is a One Child policy. But don't start trying to control fertility and social engineering like that here."
TV3 ran a good piece on the issue last night, but seem to have taken down the link to their 6pm 3 News story from last night, Green Party suggests think twice about having babies for sustainable future... One wonders whether that was due to some sort of pressure from the Green Party, trying to limit the backlash.

The story did remind me of a debate over Labour Party billboards around the 2005 election... perhaps the Greens are planning a new spin on this message...

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  1. peteremcc Says:

    yes there was a co-ordinated effort to contact TV3.

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