Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Greens - Banning It Since 1996

The research department at New Zealand's #1 blog has been hard at work, analysing the many policies of the Green Party.

David Farrar at Kiwiblog has come up with what he admits could be a conservative list of 85 things the Greens want to ban.

He points out how the Greens are very much " a contradictory party". While they claim to stand up for civil liberties, they also want to legislate to ban a huge range of goods and services - "the ultimate Nanny State party".

The Greens are also selective when it comes to Science. Apparently scienctists are to be believed when it comes to the distorted work promoting the religion of "climate change"... but science is bad when it comes to genetic modification and other such nasties.

The list includes bans on fizzy drinks, chips and lollies in schools, banning smacking, banning advertising during kids tv programmes, banning coal mining, and banning hydro plants/thermal generation/nuclear power.

The Greens would also ban imported vehicles older than 7 years, ban crown agencies from investing "in any entity that denies climate change"!?!, ban new urban highways, ban private toll roads, ban landfills, and ban "new houses without water saving measures" (the infamous "shower drip" policy).

Make sure you check out the full list at Kiwiblog, and forward the information to your friends and family, to prevent them from making a critical mistake in the voting booth this election...

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