Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Cold Shower for Labour's Water Pressure plans

A new election billboard "mashup" is doing the rounds, this one a play on Labour's bright red ones featuring a lady wearing a white jacket, playing on the party's plans to abolish strong-flowing showers.

Spotted via NZ Herald's Sideswipe column, local website The Foghorn Blast is
running an election billboard competition, dubbed Election 08 Pimp Your Political Billboard Competition. This one is an early favourite (despite the incorrect usage of an apostrophe!...)

The Foghorn Blast competition encourages readers to download one of their "unadulterated Election Campaign Billboards", and then creatively "enhance (or degrade) until you’ve created the type of promise and politician you’d like to see in charge of our fine country."

Plenty of fun for the whole family! ;-) An 4th generation iPod Nano 16GB is on offer for the competition winner, with an iPod Shuffle up for grabs for the runner-up.

* NZ Herald: All steamed up on showers

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