Monday, 6 October 2008

Bill and Ben Party confirmed. Recommended Protest Vote

Kiwiblog has a post listing the 21 political parties officially registered to contest this year's general election in New Zealand. (Parties still need to file party lists, so the final figure could potentially be less).

I was very pleased to see The Bill and Ben Party (B&B) has made it onto the list for the upcoming election...

Founded by Jamie “Bill” Linehan and Ben “Ben” Boyce this year, the pair have the advantage of good media saturation, with their satirical sports show Pulp Sport about to return to TV3.

Bill & Ben say they were "fed up with politicians calling each other childish names" and because they already have childish names, they decided to put themselves forward.

They have yet to announce any official B&B Party policies, but say they're looking forward to the free Air New Zealand flights, and their own motorcade to rugby games at Eden Park!

Bill and Ben say they're aiming to "put the party back in political party". Wikipedia describes them as a "joke political party", but I encourage any disgruntled voters who're considering supporting that "bad joke political party" known as the Greens, to instead vote for the fun and freedom that Bill & Ben are offering.

The Bill and Ben Party's Facebook profile notes that they have already received the generous support of the NZ Hospitality Association, who have erected B&B signs right across the country, conveniently located outside Bed and Breakfasts... ;-)

Bill and Ben are embarking on their first "political rally" this Wednesday, leaving by rally car from Auckland and travelling on to Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, and Taupo over the week.

* The Bill and Ben Party's Facebook page
* NZ Herald: No one's left right out in battle for votes

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