Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Baking up the Political Parties

Prolific North Otago blogger Homepaddock has been spending too much time in the kitchen, and has posted a breakdown of how each political party in Parliament might cut up the "Tax Cake". Here's a taste of what's on her menu...

National: for every dollar in tax cuts there is almost a dollar for increased expenditure on priority issues dear to the public’s heart – this is the nearest you’ll get to having your cake and eating it too. (Hmm, this one sounds a tad biased, and could possibly give me heartburn... but I'll let her have it ;)

Labour’s policy will take the cake you’ve baked, share it around and, when pressured, give you some of the leftovers.

ACT will provide no cake. They will however, give the tax cuts needed to enable you to purchase a dietary plan of your choice which depending on how well you manage your allowance may or may not include cake.

The Progressive Party will nationalise all the bakeries then force you to eat badly made state-baked cake.

* Check out the full post here - Homepaddock: Cutting the tax cake

I'd add my own little slice to the bottom of that list...

The Family Party: Cake will provided to families only, based on a traditional recipe handed down unchanged through the generations. 10% of every cake must be kept aside for Bishop Tamaki.

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