Sunday, 28 September 2008

Website of the Month: Don't Vote Greens

Rarely were 3 more sensible words ever spoken... Don't Vote Greens.

That's the name of a new website, launched in time for the NZ election campaign, and aimed at "informing the public of the damaging nature of the Green Party."

As the site owners point out, they are not supporting any other party - just saying "Don't Vote Greens", and "Don't give them the opportunity to waste another 3 years of New Zealand's history".

The latest political poll out this evening (the traditionally left-leaning 3 News poll no less) had National still well ahead on 49%, with Labour down one to 36%. ACT and the Maori Party had 2% each (both will be back thanks to electorate seats), but NZ First's 3% will see it kicked out of Parliament in November with no safety net.

Support for the "Green" Party slipped slightly, but unfortunately they still managed to gain 5% - just on the MMP threshold. (The good news is that much of the Greens' support comes from younger voters, who are notoriously apathetic about actually casting their votes on election day).
There are many many good reasons for not voting for the Green Party... as the Don't Vote Greens website points out, "They want to ban everything. Let's ban them from Parliament."

The site, which definitely qualifies for our 'Website of the Month' pick, has a list of reasons why voting Greens is a very very bad idea.

As well as making free speech illegal in NZ during an election year (WTF?! This isn't China!), the Greens have helped created a nanny state and taken away citizens rights.
Sue Bradford and the Green Party have invaded our homes and rights as parents by promoting and passing the anti smacking bill, they denigrate and ridicule church groups who have different values and morals, and they encourage dependence on Welfare (1 in 4 Kiwis collect a Government benefit).

Check out the full list of reasons why you should Not vote Greens under any circumstances here.

Runner-up for 'Website of the Month' would have been Labour's newest (unofficial? ;-) website,, but it has unfortunately already been "taken down by the fun police". A shame, it was a slick looking site...

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