Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Union claims tax cuts will mean less jobs in Public Service. Yay!

It is extremely rare for New Zealand's union movement to come out with anything that makes much sense, but they have managed that rare feat this morning.

The PSA (Public Service Association) has launched a newspaper campaign claiming that tax cuts for ordinary New Zealanders will lead to job cuts amongst the state sector. (In fact they claim "every 10 cents a year in tax cuts represents the jobs of seven public servants!?!)

We can but only wish!! Earlier this year, we heard that the fastest growing sector since 2000 (the reign of PM Cluck's Liabour-led regime) has been Government administration.

The Labour Party itself has more "communications" staff than any Government has ever had, in a bid to try and control the direction and focus of the national media.

Back in March, National leader John Key said putting a cap on the number of bureaucrats would save the government $500m dollars. Unfortunately even National aren't talking about slashing the state sector at this point, which could save the country billions of dollars more.

Annual salaries in the core public service (which excludes the likes of schools, hospitals, police, armed forces) rose to $56,619 for the year to June 2007 (I couldn't immediately track down the latest figures).

That is considerably higher than the national average salary, but as anyone who has ever dealt with the public service knows, that does not translate to better or more efficient staff and operations.
The PSA and other Unions are planning to engage on a full-on election year blitz to try and save the Labour Party from being obliterated on election day. There are plenty of loopholes in place to ensure the combined Union message gets out, while legitimate groups are severely constrained by the new spending rules.

Green co-leader Russell Norman continued the spin (bought by the mainstream media) during his appearance on Sky TV/Prime's "Campaign '08" show on Sunday night.
The "Left" (and the media) believe it is wrong for businesses and special interest groups (like the Exclusive Brethren) to campaign against their socialist and country-destroying agenda... but see absolutely nothing wrong with the well-funded Union movement mounting vicious campaigns of lies and misinformation against parties on the "Right".

* ODT: Union says tax cuts will put jobs at risk

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