Wednesday, 10 September 2008

NZ - Hang your head in shame (and reach for your wallets)...

The arrogant minority coalition Government currently running the People's Republic of New Zullund have just condemned the small South Pacific country to a future of economic despair, all for a made-up "global threat".

Liabour's draconian "climate change legislation" has just been passed, thanks to Labour and its lackies the "Greens", the JAPs, and even the ex-party known as NZ First (despite the fact that the PM is about to cut Winston Peters (63, LMPONFA) loose).

The major part which will have a direct impact of many thousands of dollars a year for every single New Zealander is the crazy "Emissions Trading Scheme"... which is just like playing an advanced game of Monopoly, but with real people's money.

The Green Party - who are normally opposed to free trade of any sort - seem quite happy to fully support the free trade of some dodgy theoretical "carbon credits" to the likes of Russia, Asia, and South America.

Voting against Labour's controversial bill were National, ACT, Maori Party, United Future, and independent MPs Gordon Copeland and Taito Phillip Field.

The legislation makes absolutely no sense, based on flawed computer & theoretical models from the IPCC puppets. The only reason New Zealand is becoming the first in the world to condemn its residents to $$$ for a "stealth tax" is to try and help PM Cluck win a new job with the UN one world Government group.

Don't look to John Key and Nick Smith for help though... their proposals are just as bad, and will do nothing to help out the average New Zealander.

In fact, Whale Oil has heard that National actually stopped the "Emissions Trading Scam" from going back to Select Committee... before putting on the public show of "voting against it".

This is a very dark day for our country. Any further planned tax cuts have been more than erased with the flow-on effects from this ETS scheme.
Al Gore and the so-called "mainstream media" have a lot to answer for, for persuading so many people to believe such an outrageous fairy tale.

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  1. homepaddock Says:

    Economic sabotage with the high social cost that comes with that for no environmental benefit = madness.