Tuesday, 23 September 2008

NZ Blog rankings for August

I'm sure most of you reading this are well aware of the monthly New Zealand blog rankings compiled by Tumeke.

I'm not sure that he quite realised what he was getting himself in for he compiled the first NZ Blogosphere Rankings of kiwi political and news blogs back in January this year!

Tumeke's latest survey includes an impressive 187 New Zealand-penned blogs. He points out that blogs are now becoming more widely accepted by the regular media, and some have even been mentioned by MPs in the Beehive.

My busy schedule has resulted in fewer posts recently here on Dave Gee: Life from Right Field, but the blog still held up quite well in the August survey, falling just 3 places to #24.

That's 4 places ahead of my old mate Clint Heine, but we're both aiming to be back in the Top 20 rankings by Christmas! ;-) Meanwhile, North Otago blue blogger Homepaddock is deservedly up another 4 places to #12, thanks to some prolific posting on unique issues.

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  1. Heine Says:

    I am amazed at why my ranking has gone down! I suspect because the big gossip and rumours have circled around the main blogs and we haven't been commenting too much on them...until now :)

    I blog every day so I may have to work harder :)

    I may need a scoop or two to put that right! Well done for you though bro.