Monday, 22 September 2008

Nudity continues in Dunedin on Public Billboards

Last Friday was officially "National Nude Day" in New Zealand, but it seemed to be a relatively quiet one by usual standards in the south.

One streaker did manage to interrupt NZ First leader Winston Peters, as he was speaking to students on campus at Otago University, while the famous Gardies Tavern was no doubt as busy as ever.

But the passing of National Nude Day hasn't meant the end of nudity in Dunedin. Things are heating up in the local radio promotion, "How to Look More Good Naked 2".

The original More FM radio promotion last year saw individuals posing nude (tastefully of course ;) on billboards around the city, with contenders being progressively eliminated as time went on.

The sequel has 5 Couples (of various makeups) pairing up for a new billboard campaign (drive by Andersons Bay Road in Dunedin if you live in the south, to check out the new naked billboard).
Anyone can register online to vote (once a day) at the More FM Dunedin website. Eliminations began today, with Team A the first to leave the competition. (The next elimination round is Wednesday at 5pm).

My friend Jade was a finalist in the original Naked Billboard promotion, and she has teamed up with another female finalist from last year to try and take out the top prize this time as TEAM B.
Jade and Alana are one of only 2 all-girl pairings in the competition, and should be hot favourites to take out this year's naked title.

They need your support now as the competition enters its final stages...

So to help do your national duty, and ensure a hot girl-on-girl nude billboard graces Dunedin's main streets, please Vote for TEAM B at the More FM Dunedin website (register, then click under 'Competitions' and follow the links from there). :-)

** Update: Team B have also entered a 'teaser video' in TV's Sports Cafe Nude Day video competition, responding to Marc Ellis' promotion of a rival (co-ed) team on last week's show...

There's also lots of other great Dunedin entries you can support in the Nude Day video competition, at the World Nude Day website...

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