Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hypocrites at the Engineering Union

Whale Oil has highlighted the shocking hypocrisy of the EPMU (Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union), who have fired their employee Shawn Tan, claiming he was on a "probationary contract".

This is the same kind of "probationary contract" that the National Party wants to introduce, allowing employees to get rid of poor-performing staff in the first 90 days, without the risk of a personal grievance claim.

The EPMU slammed the idea of a probationary period, angrily claiming that changes to workers rights would drive down wages, and it was "an attack on Kiwi values of decency and fairness in the workplace”.

National secretary Andrew Little claimed "there's never been a place in the world or a time in history where living standards and wages rose on the back of eroding work rights..." EPMU-funded Prime Minister Hillin Cluck labelled the plan "completely daft".

"EPMU - Proudly Representing New Zealand workers"
- EXCEPT the ones the EPMU employs themselves!?!

The EPMU have followed the totalarion doctrime of their Labour masters, in adopting and enacting that same "daft" contract on Shawn Tan, as well as breaking basic Human Rights legislation in discriminating against Tan because of his political beliefs.

Tan was suspended from his job at the union last month, after being announced as the #10 ranked candidate on ACT's party list. The EPMU sacked him on Tuesday night after four meetings, but Tan is considering legal action against the union for his unfair dismissal.

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  1. Tane Says:

    Your first mistake is to believe a word that idiot Slater says.

    Probationary periods exist in the Employment Relations Act already, and unions have no objection to these because they require fair process.

    National’s policy would remove the right to fair process and allow employers to fire their staff at will. That’s the union objection, and always has been.

    Honestly dude, quoting Whale just tars you with his stupidity.

  2. Chris S Says:

    As Tane has enlightened you, probationary periods are already in law.

    The ERS has an info page on them here:

    The difference between the current probationary period and National's idea is that the current one enforces communication between the employer and employee, any problems identified need to be discussed and worked through but is quite common to be used in small business situation.

    As mentioned, National's probationary period employment policy does not enforce fair treatment to the employee and removes any regress the employee may have against an unfair termination.

    I also agree about reprinting whale-oil, his poorly researched and horrible blog is not something you want to be associated with.

  3. Heine Says:

    Oh dear, and here comes the EPMU apologists! Tane AKA Neal Jones - a full time employee of the EPMU and Chris S, I suspect another mate of Tanes, or equally in up to his neck. Why don't you fess up on your interest in this case?

    The EPMU made it very clear they were against probationary periods that were enforced by employers. They made a right song and dance about it as it apparently gave employers the right to "fire at will". Shawn Tan was on probation at the EPMU, and fired for his involvement with working for a political party that lies ideologically at odds with the EPMU.

    Be honest Neal and Chris. The EPMU were pissed that Shawn decided to spent his websurfing time at work supporting ACT and not the NPG coalition that the EPMU are spending time and money on. Why is it ok for an EPMU employee like Ross Teppett to be the hoardings manager for Labours Grant Robertson? Shouldn't he be doing his job and not arranging all the promotional materials for a Labour candidate?