Thursday, 18 September 2008

GOP backing wrong Palin for Presidential Race

The so-called mainstream media have been having a field day recently, trying to find reasons to attack John McCain's running mate for the Republican Party in the US Presidential election.

Republicans say Sarah Palin will help unite the party, as well as bringing in swinging voters who aren't convinced by the Messiah-campaign of Barack Obama.

However, it seems that the GOP may have selected the wrong Palin... and now former Monty Python member Michael Palin is joining the US Presidential race. Palin is representing the "Silly Party" (as opposed to the more famous "Slightly Silly Party" ;)

As the video below points out, Michael Palin is a Constitutional Scholar, a keen Economist, a tough stance on the Environment, an expert in Foreign Policy and International Diplomacy, while being a deeply Religious man committed to Family Values...

* Official website: Michael Palin for President

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