Sunday, 10 August 2008

What's the word from Tauranga Winston?

So Winston... What's the word on the street in your former electorate of Tauranga? Do they want you back??

Oh how Winston Peters is going to regret that "simple sign" stunt ;-) I suspect it'll continue to get used against him by the media in the months leading up to NZ's General Election.

This evening came the disappointing news for Peters that even the voters in his former heartland of Tauranga have turned against him. National Party MP Bob Clarkson currently holds the seat with a 730 majority, but has decided to retire at the election.

A "snap" Colmar Brunton/One News survey (of 519 voters) put National's new Tauranga candidate Simon Bridges solidly ahead in the seat, with 48% support. Winston Peters polled a very poor second, with just 28%.

In the Party vote, Tauranga voters put National on top with 55%, Labour managed second place with 31%, and Peters' party NZ First were back in third place with just 6% support... which is still double their average support across the rest of the country.

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  1. homepaddock Says:

    Perhaps he meant No,no,no, yes.