Thursday, 14 August 2008

Spain gets in trouble for "wink" to China

I love a bit of controversy, and I say bloody good on the Spanish basketball teams for their "slanty-eye" photos, which seem to have caused "international outrage" if you believe the spin of the mainstream media.

Spain's top basketball teams posed for a photo as part of a pre-Olympic publicity advertisment for their sponsor, where all are shown using their fingures to make a "slant-eye gesture". The Spanish Women's Basketball team also posed for a similar photo, using their fingers to make their eyes look more Chinese.
But the teams deny the Olympics advertisement - set on a basketball court adorned with a Chinese dragon - was a racist attack.

The men's team say they're shocked by the negative reaction, and blame the media for "stirring the pot on a non-issue". Players say they felt the slant-eye gesture was an affectionate gesture towards the Chinese (dodgy commies the lot of 'em, I say ;)
Team sponsor Seur - a Spanish courier company - says it has no plans to withdraw the newspaper ads, which will appear only in Spain and are scheduled to run until the end of the Beijing Olympic Games.

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