Saturday, 9 August 2008

Paris Hilton will have to wait to be US President

Aw, Wellington newspaper The Dominion Post has pointed out that Paris Hilton has to wait until 2016 before she can try running for President of the United States of America ;-(

Apparently the US Constitution discriminates on age, and says a person has to be at least 35 years old to become US President (Paris is just 27).

I can't condone anyone supporting either Barack "the Messiah" Obama, or Hillary "white witch" Clinton... but I do have to agree that the GOP's "wrinkly, white haired dude" John McCain is totally "like, Super old".

McCain would be 72 on Inauguration Day (one year old than Ron Paul, a Libertarian who actually stands up for more of the Republican Party's founding principles than his other GOP Presidential rivals).

For anyone that's managed to miss Paris Hilton's brilliant campaign viral video, you can check it out below...

* The Dominion Post: Editorial: We'll always have Paris

* Hat tip: Kiwiblog

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  1. media boy Says:

    Paris obviously has some marketing savvy; she can turn anything into a PR boost for herself... thx to McCain’s miscalculation, she’ll be selling more cans of wine than ever