Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Amazon's Kindle becoming the iPod of eBooks

Amazon's Kindle device - the electronic book reader billed as the "iPod of e-books" - has proven to be a massive success for the online retailer.

Amazon.com boss Jeff Bezos has been pretty tight-lipped on just how many Kindles the company has sold, but a company source has apparently leaked facts and figures to the Techcrunch blog.

The secret source told the website that Amazon has sold an impressive 240,000 Kindles so far, bringing in around US$86-96 million. Strong sales of the portable reader have boosted the electronic book market, and encouraged Amazon to develop a new "Kindle 2.0" range of products.

Kindle users have spent a lot of money buying content to load onto their new eBook devices, including digital books, newspapers, and blogs. The device has received positive reviews for its revolutionary electronic-paper display, and wireless connectivity.

The strong popularity of the Kindle has apparently surprised even Amazon itself. The eBook reader initially launched last November at a cost of $399. Once inventory problems were sorted out, Amazon dropped the price slightly to $359 which encouraged a second wave of sales.

It's believed Amazon could be looking at launching a new student-oriented Kindle, aimed at the education textbook market where college textbooks can cost students over $500 a semester.

* TechCrunch: We Know How Many Kindles Amazon Has Sold: 240,000
* Arts Technica: Despite flaws, Kindle a $100m success for Amazon

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  1. Rick Says:

    Now we're talking.
    Would love to get a look at that.

    It's true, for the cost of two or three text books you could read them all!

  2. Strings Says:

    WOuldn't it be great if you could get them in New Zealand... . . . . .
    Right now they won't ship them out of North America and won't download content either, so there's no point in doing a parallel import!.