Thursday, 24 July 2008

Reward offered for arrest of Condi Rice

The president of the Auckland University Student Association is offering a reward of $5,000 for anyone who can make "a successful citizen's arrest" of Condoleezza Rice, while she is visiting New Zealand this weekend.

The United States Secretary of State is in the country for a short visit, and will meet with NZ Prime Minister Hillin Cluck, Finance Minister Winston Peters-First, and John "me too" Key.

AUSA president David Do says the $5,000 reward for a successful arrest is for Rice's role in "overseeing the illegal invasion and continued occupation" of Iraq.

He says with the war criminal coming to town, it will give students a chance to "make a dent in their student loans, and work for global justice at the same time."

However, I was disappointed to note that Do didn't mention in his media release the important point that Condoleezza Rice is in fact an Anunnaki (a 7 foot, shape-shifting, blood-sucking lizard alien), as of course is PM Cluck, along with George W Bush, "climate" fiction author Al Gore, and many others.

This will be Rice's first trip to New Zealand. She is currently on a short visit to Australia, and has been in this part of the world to attend a meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum in Singapore.

* Scoop: AUSA offers $5000 for citizen's arrest of Rice

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