Monday, 28 July 2008

Oh comeon! Working for Families too? WTF?!

John Key. Seriously. WTF are you doing? In most of the western world, the job of the Opposition party/parties is to oppose the Government, and come up with an intelligent alternative pathway for the country, made up of a series of policy differences to give voters a genuine choice come election time.

I continue to read with dismay the religious fervour with which National Party supporters follow the "new direction" John Key has managed to set the party on over the last year or so.

Opinion polls and rumblings from the "man/woman on the street" indicate many people are keen for a change this election, but unfortunately there's little in the way of a genuine choice on offer.

Key's latest flip-flop/dead-rat-swallow is to adopt in full Labour's dreadful welfare in drag policy, marketed as "Working for Families". The tax credit scheme means even families earning well over $100,000 can take part in the government welfare gravy train (actually, as much as $196,827 if you have enough kids!!).

(Image 'borrowed' from No Minister)

Key says his National party would now keep Labour's flagship Working for Families scheme intact fully if it wins power, including the increased payments announced in Dr Cullen's May budget. Key had previously slammed the scheme as "a giant welfare package".

PM Cluck made rare sense, saying Key's policy change was "simply incredible", and noting "this is getting a bit ridiculous". Ya think??

Homepaddock has her heart in the right place, but claims the latest Labour policy adoption is simply "good politics". Sorry, I can't agree. If you continue to offer voters no alternative other than different faces in the expensive seats, there's little to get excited about.

* NZ Herald: Key would now keep Working for Families

* Update: Revealing the real face of John Key...

(Hat tips... No Minister & Big News)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    To hell with Key.

    All National voters in safe National electorates should give their party vote to ACT.

    That will give Key the excuse he needs to renege on his "me too" antics.

    Or is this his cunning plan anyway?


  2. homepaddock Says:

    "Homepaddock has his heart in the right place"
    ... her heart :)

    I think welfare for middle and upper income earners is mad, but National's decision to go with it has upset Cullen which is good politics.

    There will be some defining issues which show the idfference between National & Labour once the eleciton is announced.

  3. Dave Gee Says: This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. Dave Gee Says:

    Oops sorry, mucho apologies Hompaddock! I have amended the original post

  5. Chris S Says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for the link.

    I just would like to question the "many people are keen for a change" opinion.

    I don't disagree, but do people want a change of policies or a change of faces? Considering John Key and National are doing so well with their "What she said" election run-up, are kiwi's taking for granted the goodies that 9 years of Labour have provided them (think work rights, WFF, increased public service funding/government spending etc...)? Does Joe 6-pack think that things will be the same just with this fresh, new and ambitious fella at the helm - except with more tax cuts?

    Well I guess we'll see, personally I don't believe it for a minute. But, well, perhaps it is time for a change if National can behave and deliver on their promises.

    But when the 4th holiday week goes out the door, "unimportant" or "wasteful" spending gets cut and they sell the public services kiwi's are so used to off to their mates to be run-down and asset stripped, I guess we'll see what kind of change people are interested in.