Friday, 18 July 2008

New Election Year website launched

While PM Clark has yet to reveal her preferred date for this year's General Election in New Zealand, the action is heating up online as political parties prepare for a tough campaign.

A new website is looking to take advantage of the increased awareness of internet campaigning for this election. Decision 08 relies heavily on stories and video coverage from 3 News, but also includes a full listing of political parties and candidates.

The name "Decision 08" is already being used by TV One around their election year coverage, and was also the name of their live election night show in 2005. (I see however that TV3 have already got in early for the 2011 domain as well ;-)

The site stretches the claim a little as being "New Zealand's only dedicated elections website", but does seem to one of the first out of the gates with a completed site this year. (The doesn't appear to have been updated yet for the 2008 election, but was a good source of information in 2005.)

As well as the regular stories and video clips, the website is promising blogs from members of the 3 News and Campbell Live team, as well as "guest political experts". is also hoping to persuade candidates from across the country to sign up for their own "personalised page" within the website. For a $299 charge, registered candidates can list their background, views, update their movements, and upload photos to their own page.

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