Saturday, 26 July 2008

National & Labour just one big happy family

There's a been a growing discussion in recent months about the likelihood of little real change following this year's General Election, even if National does take over the reigns from Labour.

Giving John Key total control over the National Party has meant a serious shunt to the left. Even when Labour comes up with policies or passes laws which John & co. don't really agree with, National's stance is to "disagree strongly" but to agree to do nothing about reversing the changes, should they form the next Government.

This week came the amusing situation of Labour Finance Minister Michael Cullen issuing a media release publicising the few policies National have actually released.

Dr Cullen seemed concerned that the recent dodgy dealings of Winston Peters and other events had overshadowed National's policy released. He even kindly provided web links to the National Party's policy details online!! Now who says chivalry is dead in Politics?! ;-)
Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen has today re-released the lightweight policy positions announced by National in the past fortnight following John Key’s attempt to slip them out under the cover of darkness.

In the past fortnight National has released ‘policies’ on industrial relations, accident compensation, conservation, broadcasting, and arts. Not one of these policy releases was announced with a formal press conference featuring John Key and a party spokesman.
Unfortunately, National's recent policy releases actually contain very little of substance, and certainly nothing yet that would indicate turning the country around from the current headlong path to destruction.
I wonder though, can we look forward to John and Michael having some cosy chats post the election, with the view to forming a nice happy coalition of like-minded wishy-washy centre-left groupies? Now where was that one-way ticket to Aussie again?...

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  1. KG Says:

    Same gang, different colours.
    Watch for a whole raft of Labour apparatchiks being appointed to very comfortable positions should National win.
    The point is, they're all part of the same club, the same cosy arrangements apply to all of them and none of the bastards actually give a stuff about those things which impact the ordinary Kiwi people.
    Democracy isn't dead--yet--but it's lurching towards the cliff dragging its life-support tubes behind it.