Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Does your airline ticket come with baggage?

Following the international trend of airlines charging passengers to bring luggage with them, Air New Zealand and Pacific Blue have both announced plans to introduce baggage charges.

Low cost carrier Pacific Blue will be the first domestic airline in New Zealand to charge passengers to check in bags.

From September, passengers on Pacific Blue will be allowed one carry-on bag of up to 7 kgs at no extra charge, but checked bags will be charged at $8 each (with a collective weight limit of 23kg), if paid at the time of booking. Excess baggage will be charged at $8 a kilo.

Pacific Blue says the new charge is to help cover the rising cost of fuel. Some items like prams, cots, car seats and sports equipment will be exempt from the new regime.
Air New Zealand is also adopting baggage charges, but will allow travellers on domestic services to have one free checked bag, weighing up to 25kgs (currently 20kgs). Second bags will be charged at a flat rate of $15 each (up to a 25kg limit), rather than the current excess baggage rate of $5 a kg.

Air New Zealand says their new baggage policy rewards their loyal customers... Air NZ Gold, Gold Elite, and Koru Club members can also take a second piece of luggage for free.

The changes follow the introduction of the airline's 'Koru Hour' food and beverage services on peak hour flights, and the increased seat pitch in the front of its 737s for frequent flyers. New check-in and gate technology is also on the way.
Frequent travellers used to a lack of legroom will also welcome Air NZ's new 'Space+' seats on its transtasman and Pacific flights, an idea borrowed from its Star Alliance partner United Airlines. These 35" pitch economy seats will be available to Air NZ's premium Airpoints customers later this year, at no extra charge.

(United Airlines has a similar 'Economy Plus' class, which offers passengers up to five extra inches of legroom. This increased seat pitch benefit is complimentary for its premium customers, although regular travellers can also book the seats for an additional fee).

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  1. Rick Says:

    but checked bags will be charged at $8

    Son of a bitch!