Sunday, 6 July 2008

Cell Phone ban while driving is Ghetto

The Labour-led New Zealand Government is working on a law change to ban the use of talking or texting on your cell phone while driving.

The plan, masterminded by "Transport Safety Minister" Harry Duynhoven, would ban the use of hand-held mobile phones, Backberrys, and PDAs (personal digital assistants) while driving.

Labour of course are big fans of banning things and controlling people's lives. Proponents claim there is public support for a ban, after an increase in deaths from crashes "where cellphones have been a contributing factor".

Similar bans have recently been introduced in California and Washington, where this great viral video comes from. Watch as this kid makes 5 driving instructors go crazy when he won't stop talking on his cellphone during a lesson...

Sure, that video's promoting a bluetooth technology company. But just look at the freedom and fun you can actually have with a hands-free bluetooth car kit!...

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