Monday, 23 June 2008

Winston Peters' announcement greeted with humour

Whale Oil has christened NZ First leader Winston Peters the new "Comical Ali", after the MP compared his apparent imminent comeback to champion boxer Muhammed Ali. (The original Comical Ali was of course Iraq's former Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf).

(Image 'borrowed' from Whale Oil...)

The veteran politician confirmed yesterday that he's going to attempt to win back his former seat of Tauranga, which he lost to National's Bob Clarkson in the 2005 election.

The Winston First party managed to survive despite the leader losing his seat, polling just over the threshold with 5.72%. This time around things look less promising, and with NZ First hovering around 3% in the polls, the lifeline of an electorate seat could be the party's only hope.

Foreign Affairs Minister Peters says he has a lighter travel schedule for the rest of the year, which will allow him to campaign regularly in the Tauranga electorate.

Watching the return of Jeremy Wells' tv show, The Unauthorised History of New Zealand last night, I was amused to hear Sir Bob Jones reveal that "Winston Peters wears a wig... he won't mind me saying that... he has done for about 25 years".
"Mr Peters, Is that your own hair you're wearing?"

Keep an eye on the back of Winston's head the next time you see him on the telly... It's the gap between the neck and the "hairline" that is usually the biggest giveaway for wig wearers... ;-)

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