Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Aucklanders use Inflatable Dolls to beat Traffic Rules

The quirky New Zealand story of our frustrated drivers on Auckland's North Shore are taking blow-up dolls as passengers to beat traffic rules is still doing the worldwide rounds, thanks to Reuters.

Cars/vans/trucks need to have 3 or more occupants to be able to use the far left "Transit lane" (motorbikes and bicycles are exempt). The right hand lanes usually move at a snails pace, but if you try to sneak a solo ride in the "express lane" and get caught, you'll get an instant $150 fine.

North Shore city council traffic safety bosses report some drivers have come up with a few inventive ways of trying to beat the system (by making it look like they've got more people in the car)... including blow-up dolls, dressing up large pets in jackets and hoodies, and using pillows with baby clothing on.

(And it's not just something that kiwi drivers have come up with... Frustrated drivers in the United States can even buy a specially designed blow-up doll named "Carpool Kenny" to bring along for the ride!)

TV3's Campbell Live show investigated the claims on the North Shore, and learned that some drivers are being caught because their "fake passengers" don't move. The show suggests that giving your dolls a bit of a shake as you pass the cameras might increase your chances of success ;-)

* Video - Campbell Live: What do North Shore residents do with inflatable dolls?

* North Shore City Council: Dolls, dogs and invisible children cheat transit lanes

* Stupid.com - Carpool Kenny
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