Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Apple 3G iPhone launching very soon

Tech/gadget website Gizmodo has revealed that Apple are planning to unveil the rumoured 3G version of their popular iPhone early next month, rather than the end of the year as was previously expected.

Gizmodo reports that a source "close to the 3G iPhone launch" has told them the 2nd-generation iPhone will be announced on June 9th, and will available worldwide immediately.

The website also says pricing for the new 3G iPhone will be more flexible in some countries than has previously been the case.

Vodafone recently signed a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to 10 countries - including New Zealand - this year. The company hasn't yet revealed a launch date down under, but admits it will force a new form of data pricing, possibly an "all you can eat" flat-rate data plan.

Online stores and even some "bricks and mortar" shops in the US and UK have already sold out of the 1st generation iPhone, indicating that stocks are being wound down to prepare for the updated iPhone, which features faster internet surfing speeds through 3G mobile networks.

* Gizmodo: iPhone 3G Launch Date Confirmed

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