Wednesday, 30 April 2008

What The?! Giant Squid captivates world Media

Ok, It's official... The world's "mainstream" media is seriously a lost cause ;-)

The continuing saga of "the world's biggest squid" led the nightly news bulletins of New Zealand's national tv networks TV3 and TV One tonight, bringing viewers the latest developments in the country's biggest animal story since Shrek the merino sheep.

This was followed by breathtaking reports by excited reporters on their respective "current affairs" shows Campbell Live and Close Up. Some people even sliced off a piece of the squid for quick nibble.

The story of the colossal squid has also proved a massive hit with the world's media, with hundreds of outlets reporting the latest developments, as the creature thaws out (live on web-cam apparently) at Wellington's Te Papa museum.

While Mr Squid is believed to be the biggest ever caught (at up to 10 metres long and over 1000 pounds, with a fearsome beak and razor-sharp hooks), scientists now believe it may be "a minnow" compared to other creatures lurking in the depths.

The monster squid was caught in Antarctic waters last February (yes, last February), and was donated to the museum after being "snap frozen". Staff finally began defrosting it slowly on Monday, by placing it in a tank filled with cold salty water. The squid is expected to go on show in a massive tank later this year at Te Papa.

Frankly, I don't really give a damn, and don't expect to be making the trip to Wellington anytime soon to see Mr Squidly. Now find me a biblical "Leviathan" or "Behemouth" (what scientists like to call "Dinosaurs") - or a genuine Roswell Alien - and I might be more interested... ;-)

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