Thursday, 20 March 2008

Franks aims for return to Beehive as a Nat

Former ACT Party MP Stephen Franks is hoping to return to Parliament in this year's general election, but this time wearing National's colours.

Franks was last night selected as the National Party's candidate for the competitive seat of Wellington Central. He'll face off against former Labour staffer Grant Robertson, ACT's deputy leader Heather Roy, and Sue Kedgley for the Greens.

Stephen Franks probably fits much better with National than with his former party ACT, given his social conservative tendencies. The Dom Post's short story is revealing...
As for his switch from ACT to National, Mr Franks said the parties shared many of the same values. However, he liked the fact that he could be more practical now and spend less time arguing for rigid goals.
That sounds like a Nat ;-) "More practical" tends to mean "more compromising", happy to go with theoretical populist stances, and less willing to stand up for your own beliefs and ideals.

That said, he is an excellent lawyer with a great understanding of law and order, and has learnt how to break down ideas and policies into simple to understand concepts. It will be interesting to see where Messers Key and English rank him on National's list...

* Stuff: Nats choose Franks for Wellington Central

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