Monday, 18 February 2008

Test Cricket to screen on Regional TV

Auckland-based satellite channel Stratos Television has been given permission by Sky TV to broadcast live free-to-air international Test cricket next month.

Stratos will screen the second and third cricket tests between the Black Caps and England in mid-March, thanks to a deal with Sky Television.

Straos is the satellite off-shoot of community broadcaster Triangle Television, and broadcasts on Freeview Channel 21 (and Sky Channel 89)

Triangle's Auckland and Wellington UHF community stations will also simulcast the test matches (although Triangle Auckland will only simulcast the weekday action).

Other regional stations around the country (including Christchurch's CTV and Dunedin's Channel 9) are also being offered the opportunity to simulcast the Stratos test cricket coverage.

It is not clear whether Sky TV is offering the test cricket coverage free of charge to Stratos and the other regional tv broadcasters, or whether there is a charge of some sort attached to the deal.

The 2nd test between New Zealand's Black Caps and England will be played in Wellington from Thursday March 13, while the 3rd test is scheduled for Napier from Saturday March 22.

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