Friday, 8 February 2008

NZ Brick throwers attack Green Party

Protest action group People Power NZ have turned their attention to the Green Party, in their latest brick throwing mission.

The group say last night's attack on the Green's electorate office in Sandringham was part of its "ongoing citizens initiated active protest against the passing of the Electoral Finance Act."

While the Green Party are not in formal coalition with Labour, they are a "support partner" of the Government, with minor ministerial responsibilities and policy concessions.

The protesters described the Green Party as "a loose association of jaded Marxists long past their use by date", and said it was time for them to be "consigned to the dustbin of political oblivion come the 2008 Election."

People Power NZ noted that the Government and media have tried to ignore their recent activities, and that they have not yet heard from the Electoral Commission about their official website.

The group have announced plans for their next "direct protest action", on Thursday 28th February.

* Official website: People Power (New Zealand)

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