Friday, 29 February 2008

Huckebee explains why he's not dropping out

Republican presidential nominee hopeful Mike Huckabee is planning to stay in the US primary race, despite the huge delegate lead held by Senator John McCain.

A candidate needs 1,191 delegates to win the Republican nomination... McCain currently has a little over 1,000, while Huckabee is a ways back on just over 250.

While Huckabee says the nomination isn't guaranteed until the Republican convention in September, media commentators say he has virtually no chance of winning.

Even if Huckabee managed a clean sweep of the remaining delegates, he'd still fall short of the numbers needed for the GOP nomination.

But the former Arkansas governor showed that he's got a sense of humour, with a tongue-in-cheek appearance on NBC variety show, Saturday Night Live. (It was the first new SNL show since the writers' strike forced it off air last November)...

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