Wednesday, 16 January 2008

NZ & Australia vye for Darwin Award Honours

The Darwin Awards for 2007 were recently announced, but it seems a few New Zealanders and Aussies are doing their best to get in early (albeit tragic) nominations for the 2008 awards...

1. The Dunedin man who gave his son and son's friends a "quick ride around the block" in the boot (ie. trunk) of his car. They were flung out of the (closed) boot when the car collided with another vehicle. The man's 11 year old son was thrown through a wooden fence and died at the scene.

2. A Dargaville man who was charged with "driving a lawn mower while drunk", after being stopped by Police on Monday night. 52 year old Richard Gunn was found to have a breath alcohol level of twice the legal limit for drivers. He admitted he'd been using the lawn mower to get around town since losing his driver's license.

3. The Australian teenager dubbed the "MySpace Party Boy" who will face court charges and a A$20,000 bill, following his self-organised "Best Party Ever". The story of Melbourne teen Corey Delaney has made headlines around the world, after Police battled over 500 unruly youths, many who had received invites via the internet site

Over 30 officers were called to the Delaney's family home (his parents were on holiday in the Gold Coast), as well as a Police Helicopter and a dog squad.

Far from being repentant for hosting the wild party in his parent's absence, Delaney is enjoying the media spotlight. His fashion sense has been a major topic of discussion, and he refuses to be photographed or interviewed without his "famous" yellow-framed plastic sunglasses.

This interview is awesome... Leila McKinnon from Channel Nine's A Current Affair gets a bit flustered when some of Corey's responses don't go as she'd hoped... ;-)

* Aussie Party Boy Photo Gallery

* Hat tip: Whale Oil

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