Thursday, 3 January 2008

Late 8 for 2008...

Okay so I'm a tad bit late with this, but after being tagged by Clint Heine, here's my 8 for 2008 Wish List...

1. For Finance Minister Michael Cullen to decide that taxes are "a bit of a silly idea really", and to start making amends by slashing personal taxes to a flat rate of 10% in his 2008 Budget.

2. For Helen Clark to decide she's "a bit bored with the whole being-the-PM-thing", and call the NZ General Election for June.

3. For Winston First and the Red/"Greens" to fail to win 5% or a seat, and to be completely wiped out of Parliament.

4. For the Electoral Commission to be run off their feet following up thousands of "big brother" investigations into alleged breaches of the Electoral Finance Act.

5. For the NZ and international "mainstream media" to finally wake up and realise how much of a complete load of bollocks the whole theory of "Man-made Climate Change" really is. (Kudos to Whale Oil)

6. For National to get a spine and some innovative policies, and for ACT to bring some talented MPs to the Beehive.

7. For Taco Bell to set up shop in New Zealand, and for Mars to start selling their amazing Milky Way Midnight dark chocolate candy bars here.

8. For a New Zealand television network to screen the world's greatest musical event of the year, the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

[ Right now I'm listening to:
^ Amy Diamond - Stay My Baby (Max Martin/Kotecha/ Tysper)
^ David Jordan - Sun Goes Down ]

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  1. Heine Says:

    They don't show Eurovision on TV there??? Thats mad!!

  2. Dave Gee Says:

    I know!! I have to get friends in Luton to tape the shows for me instead. So much craziness and fun the kiwis are missing out on!!