Tuesday, 29 January 2008

International outrage at Mankini Ban

The planned ban by Wellington fun Police on Borat-style "mankinis" at this weekend's Rugby Sevens tournament has created headlines around the world.

Wellington Police and organisers of the Sevens tournament have announced a ban on "skimpy and potentially offensive" costumes, including the popular fluorescent green v-string swimsuit made famous by Borat (British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen).

Aucklander Mark Hansen as Borat at last year's Wellington Sevens

Newspapers and news websites across Australia, the UK, USA, South Africa, and India have filed stories on the by anti-fun campaigners. The news has sent headline writers into overdrive... "Borat mankini in crack down", writes the UK's Sun newspaper... "Prudish police ban Borat's mankini", writes London's free commuter daily, Metro.

Wellington cops claim the ban on "revealing costumes" at the Sevens rugby tournament (including but not limited to Borat's one-piece skimpy swimsuit) was to "protect kids' innocence". "It's a family event and there will be children there," Mr Cop-boss-man said.

Police say they'll turn away fans who don't follow their new dress code, and arrive this weekend at the Westpac Trust Stadium in "inappropriate" costumes.

Dressing up has always been a big part of the fun around Rugby sevens competitions, with previous controversial "team" costume themes including Fiji's Military, Terrorists complete with weapons (fake and/or water pistols), Steve Irwins, David Bains, and Babies in nappies.

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