Monday, 17 December 2007

UN talks a lot of hot air in Bali on Climate Change

Politicians and scientists are attempting to promote the new Bali agreement on "climate change" as a major win, and a big step forward for the world.

Unfortunately the mainstream media long ago bought into the claptrap about so-called "man-made global warming", and few reported the strong opposition at the conference by a team of over 100 international scientists (including many current and former UN "IPCC" scientists - the 'Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change' bunch that publish those big reports).

In an open letter to the UN Secretary-General, the scientists questioned "the scientific basis for climate fears, and the UN's so-called solutions".

The group labelled attempts to prevent global climate change from occurring as "ultimately futile", and a "tragic misallocation of resources that would be better spent on humanity's real and pressing problems".

The leading scientists (which included NZ UN scientist Dr Vincent Gray, and the "Father of Meterology" Dr Reid Bryson) told the conference, "It is not possible to stop climate change, a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages."

"In stark contrast to the often repeated assertion that the science of climate change is 'settled,' significant new peer-reviewed research has cast even more doubt on the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused global warming," they noted.

The left wing media and "politically correct" greenies have fallen right into the UN's trap, and seem keen to help the United Nations fulfil its plan of introducing a Global tax to "redistribute" wealth between countries, and ultimately create a one world Goverment.

New Zealander Dr Vincent Gray has published a very interesting report on his visit to the Bali Climate Conference, which should be required reading for the country's journalists, many of whom are unable to understand any story or point of view that hasn't been handed to them on a press release.
Dr Gray writes, "It is still amazing to me, though, why so many people believe in this greenhouse myth, for which there is no sound scientific foundation."

The earth's temperature is not increasing, and is currently falling (as we all know in New Zealand). Sea Levels are not increasing, as shown by the recent Australian study on Pacific Islands. Malaria is not a tropical disease. Polar Bears and penguins are not "endangered". Carbon dioxide is not a "pollutant" but the very stuff of all life.

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