Sunday, 23 December 2007

Stupid person wins 'Burger King' complaint

This is why "Standards Authorities" (both Advertising and Broadcasting) need to be Banned...

New Zealand's ASA has upheld a complaint from a very stupid person, who was devastated that their takeaway coffee bought at Burger King did not come in a porcelain cup like in the pretty picture.

A man/woman named "B. Hay" visited the Burger King outlet in Hillcrest (Hamilton) after seeing a poster advertising "Illy Premium Coffee", which featured a branded china cup of coffee on a saucer.

B. Hay was outraged when his/her coffee was served in a "horrible paper cup", and demanded a "decent cup to drink the coffee from". (Thankfully, his/her demands were politely ignored by the Burger King staff!)

The dim/precious complainant told the Advertising Standards Authority they felt it was "grossly misleading advertising", and said they would "certainly not have contemplated even going into the outlet if I had known the coffee was not to be served in a porcelain cup and saucer as on their advertisements."

Duh. This is the same type of person that sits up until 11pm to watch a tv show called something like "Extreme Fighting", just so they can lodge a complaint about seeing an incidence of "violence" on television.

The BK grump is stupid enough, but the ASA showed what little sense they have by upholding (?!?) this bizarre complaint in their recent run of decisions.

As Clint Heine's post label correctly notes, "Stupid Stupid Stupid"!!!

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