Friday, 7 December 2007

Millions sample 'Flight of the Conchords'

The stocks of kiwi comedy/music duo Flight of the Conchords are on the rise, with a clip from their reality/sitcom tv show being listed as one of YouTube's top-rated videos.

The song "If You're Into It" (from Episode 4, Season 1 of their HBO TV series) sees Bret singing a unique love song to his girlfriend Coco, with the help of his friend Jermaine. The YouTube clip's scored over 2 million views (at the time of writing), and intrigued many people.

The duo's HBO show has been recommissioned for a second series, although Flight of the Conchords is by no means the "smash hit US show" the New Zealand media has tried to claim.

Reviews meanwhile have ranged from "may well be the funniest thing you've seen in ages" (San Francisco Chronicle) to "feels less like a sitcom than a Saturday Night Live sketch stretched out to about six times its shelf-life" (Miami Herald).

I think the video comments are just as amusing as the clip itself, especially those relating to the kiwi/NZ accent (apparently some US fans think their accent is "made up"! ;-)
- "I've wroten you a song, Coco."
Wroten? Just thought I'd get that out of my system.

- Oh my gosh wroten was getting on my nerves too! Finally someone brave enough to say it lol

- It's "written", but with a Kiwi accent.
We tend to sound like we're saying "fush and chups" when we mean "fish and chips". Same thing.

- lol i remember when i was in fiji how kiwi dudes asked me for a pen ... they said: "hey can i borrow u a pin" lol kiwi accent is cool, but the best is the french one!!

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