Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Why Live TV can be so entertaining

I meant to get this up last week but life was a bit hectic, but it's still worthy of promoting if anyone in the country did happen to miss it... ;-)

Television News is the ultimate in "live tv", because so much of it is "live and unrehearsed" and there is so much scope for things to go wrong.

Here's a strong contender for "Best NZ TV Blooper of the Year"... State TV's One News cross back live to Suva for some 'Breaking News' from their hard working Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver...

Former Channel 9er Jared the Mason was the cameraman keen to appear on telly... (He apparently sees the funny side of it now ;-)

Jared says they received no calls from the control room, so he assumed Barb was just practising her script as he went about checking the lens, sorting out a microphone, and framing up his camera shot just as the "live cross" ended...

I also love how composed Wendy and Simon are after the cross... Wendy looks down intently at her "notes" as she recaps Barabara's info, and pretends like nothing went wrong ;-)

* Hat tip to Dan News for the clip...

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    haha, gold davo!